Johnson Family

You may recognize this adorable baby in this family, little Tessa is the youngest of 5 beautiful girls. What a treat to photograph this family. They were so fun and easy to work with and the girls had so many great ideas for photos. It was great!  My favorite part was how they incorporated their own interests and personality into the photos. What a treat to be able to photograph the girls with a horse and the trailer. I have too many favorites, but this is just a sneak peak at our wonderful day. 

My favorite

My favorite




3 thoughts on “Johnson Family

  1. These photos are fabulous and the girls are gorgeous! Ok, I may be a bit biased since Jo is my sister but I love them. Especially the top one in the trailer. You got Tessa smiling so perfectly!

  2. Oh My!!!! they are all excellent. How fun to have wonderful, beautiful and willing subjects and a great location. I think you have an amazing way of making everyone comfortable and at ease making the session relaxed and fun. It allows for the true individual personalities to shine through.
    Could you have asked for a more awesome sky behind the girls?. True TEXAS!
    Way to go girl. We are cheering for you and as always, very proud of you.

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