Super Smiles

I had a great time shooting Parker, he is such a smiley kid and of course a little silly as are most kids at his age. It was nice weather and we just had such lovely light the entire time that I just couldn’t resist showing all the shots in color.  I hope you enjoy the pics and remember more to come when you get your disc. 

Doesn’t he just look like he is ready for school? He really just looks soooo sweet in these pics, some kids just have so much innocence in their eyes. That is what I am loving in all of his shots.








2 thoughts on “Super Smiles

  1. You are kind to say silly. He was more like uncooperative. But the pictures turned out great despite his silliness! I love them. Thanks so much, you did a wonderful job.

  2. Very good. Not easy to photograph boys at that age, they don’t want to sit still for any lenght of time and putting up with cuteness is more than they can handle. It just goes to prove how good of a photographer you are because these look great and they show how cute he is.

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