Fun with the Thompson Family


Yes, it was fun. I loved that the boys would be playful and also so sweet to eachother. They adore their sweet baby sister and you could really tell this family loves to be together. We took these on Halloween morning so it was fun making a lot of silly sayings about Halloween later. I LOVED the bright colors they wore, especially the baby and how it looks in a more urban setup. We also made a quick stop at the railroad depot which was our best spot in my opinion. As you can see we had sooo many to choose from, thanks guys this was a blast.


My favorite shot of the day, she wasn’t too happy to be out in the cold and her Daddy was trying to cheer her up. Mmmm can we say Daddy’s girl?This is my favorite of the day

Ahhh so sweet!!! You always need a couples pic


Isn't this fantastic! I LOVE the blue door behind her

Thompson15_2 web

Yes he is just that cute



Bright colors and sweet girl, nothing better


2 thoughts on “Fun with the Thompson Family

  1. I love, Love, LOVE the blue door!!!!! FABULOUS!!! You are getting better and better…kind of fun to be taking this journey together, in a way! Love you, you talented thing!

  2. Wonderful pictures. Love the colors and how much fun everyone is having. Where is that blue door at? I love it and she looks adorable. Great job!

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