My Entire Family

I guess now most people should have received cards from my parents. so here are the photos from my family shoot. This is everyone on my side. enjoy

The original crew

The VAMPIRE shot (according to my family)

Do we look like a vampire movie cover? That is the consensus apparently from the clan.

the 4

My sweet boy, what a stud!

so sweet, so sweet

my little crew

X crew

In true Vampire fashion

yeah so we got a little silly. you can tell who the jokers are in the fam. What me??? no that wouldn’t be the case.


One thought on “My Entire Family

  1. All I can say is that you are all loved so much! you were created with much love and hopefully you felt that tenderness most of the time as you were growing up. I am so proud of each and every one of you, in-laws included!
    May the New Year bring many blessings into each of your lives. May you appreciate your blessings and overcome any challanges with faith and grace. May health be present in our lives.
    Love you dearly!

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