Project 52 Weeks (1)

So I was inspired by a photographer I follow diligently to do a project this year. Last year Matt Nicolosi (photographer extraordinaire) did Project 365, that is 365 days of images. Well he almost completed it (like 100 days off, but at least 365images)…by the way it is a must see he has a great eye and it is a very entertaining blog. So seeing how that was a difficult project to take on I decided to do a post per week to push me a little more. This can be any photo/s that I take from around the house, wandering the neighborhood, my models(kids & Husband) or a downtown scene or even a vacation. Something creative and different from my normal work and nothing from my paid photo sessions. I feel like this will be a good way to push my skills in both design and photography, it takes me to my college days “think outside the box”. A regular saying in the art department (by regular I mean I heard it usually 3 times a day, do these college professors know any other words to tell a creative student?), so that is the goal we’ll call it blasting outside of the box or maybe tearing down walls… that is the mindset for 2010. I hope you join me on my journey, look for my posts and if anything it should be entertaining.

So let’s start this project off. I decided to take some photos of eyes because I will be using mine to see things a little differently for the next year. Plus look at these eyes, could you say no to them?? Me neither!

Envious of those lashes???? Why do guys always get the lashes??

Can you tell me what color her eyes are? We still haven’t figured it out, blue, green or hazel?


One thought on “Project 52 Weeks (1)

  1. I love eyes so much…so glad you captured your kiddos eyes…gorgeous!!! I am doing this project as well…with pictures of words…just not sure how I can keep it up for 365. We will see! I am also not posting them on the photog blog…but on my personal one.

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