Brrrrr It’s Cold – Project 52 Weeks (2)

It has been freezing the past few days and I had a photo shoot today (those images to come shortly) in this amazingly chilly yet sunny weather. I passed this frozen water fountain on my way to my shoot and thought I should stop and photograph that on my way home, so obviously I did. I absolutely love the natural beauty ice gives, for me, it is the amount of variation in color and clarity. Of course it is also how awesome it looks when it is in black and white. So before we hit normal temps I may attempt to take a drive in the morning to find other frozen beauties that await me. We’ll see though if I can pull myself from my warm bed in the morning. Now would I have stopped before to take this shot? Maybe, but because I am doing this project there was no question and with that comes great excitement of what other treasures I can find so that may pull me out of bed. Guess I will have my camera with me a lot more for those just in case moments. Do you think I am going to drive my family and friends nuts? Probably, (insert sinister laugh) it is looking like it is going to be  a great year. 🙂

So enjoy and know that I may do more than one post per week from time to time because sometimes you just can’t help yourself.


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