A Bright Sunshiny Day – Project 52 Weeks (3)

Hahhha you are singing that song now aren’t you? Well so am I, but really that is how I felt when I was out today. We were lucky today to have a perfect weather day that just screams go out and take some photos. And my friend who is also a photographer invited me & my kids to join her and her own kiddos for some fun photos.  I took so many, but feel like I have narrowed down some of my favorites.  So this is week 3 of project 52. I like how it is pushing me to jump out there and take more pics. And after capturing this first shot I am sure glad I did. 

In love with this photo and this babyBTW this baby girl is mine all mine. 🙂

I just loved her expression

No running with sticks, DO NOT try this at home. btw he is mine all mine too


just playing around

The light, the trees, just something I like

5 thoughts on “A Bright Sunshiny Day – Project 52 Weeks (3)

  1. Great pictures. Can you send them to me to post on my blog or FB? Mia has grown so much in just the last two months, Can’t believe she is going to be one!

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