Running Around Town-Project 52 Weeks – (7)

I love the orange in this shot

Love that i captured him looking out the window like this

Barely made it for week 7. Phew! Just some shots from my day of searching for good photo spots. I am a fan of warm rich colors so I had to capture the orange in the buildings and rust.  I loved these stairs!!! I can foresee some good sessions done here.

And last of all I just happened to have my camera in hand while I was snapping shots of my daughter looking through her books and then my son jumped on her rocking chair and was just looking off into the sky out the window. A quick shot and it just made my day, not from running around town…but just had to include it. It is almost like he didn’t know I was there or he just didn’t care. Love it.


One thought on “Running Around Town-Project 52 Weeks – (7)

  1. lov-, LOV-, LOVING the one of the stairs…I can feel the wind blowing the leaves into the corners just looking at it. It’s eerily beautiful…bravo!

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