Turning 5

This big boy is turning 5 this month and with such a big birthday Mom decided a photo shoot was in order (keep in mind a milestone like this is crucial-right at the age before starting kindergarten). Of course I had to do family shots as well. Thanks for trying out a fun location. Endless possibilities here! I can’t wait for you to see the rest.

I love this happy natural smile

Look at this rock star

By the way this cute shirt with the 5 was made by his awesome mom. She has a new store coming out this week (logo design by me so check it out). But you can find her on facebook by clicking here.

Loving the vintage look

so glad we caught this one

What a sweet big brother

Aren't they a good looking group???

Lastly good looking mom and dad

You guys are awesome, I am so glad we met and that I have been able to work with you so much. Stay tuned everyone we will be doing a shoot of her adorable clothing in the next month or so. Might be looking for models. 🙂

Help them win a free print by making sure 25 people leave a comment each (one per person).


2 thoughts on “Turning 5

  1. Amanda these are just amazing! I cant even begin to tell you how thankful and greatful I am. Thank you for the shout out you are to kind. I cant wait to see the rest!

  2. My favorite is #4 and #5 the 5th one looks like Aiden is “looking up” to his older brother.I like Amanda and Adam in the background in the other, its like they are watching him grow up. Great, Great pictures. I cannot believe ANDREW is 5!!Kim Kepler

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