Ellie Time

I was thrilled when my friend Gillian called me to photograph her beautiful daughter Ellie. This baby is so pretty and her hair is to die for, soft and lots of it! These pics speak for themselves as to how adorable she is…so just try not smile when you look at this sweet happy baby girl.So be warned LOTS of photos to enjoy.

*Help them win a free print just leave a comment (one per person they need 25 to win)

Hello lovely

Look at that great smile

Isn't she soooo pretty?!?!

Cute room and a happy girl...nothing better


23 thoughts on “Ellie Time

  1. Yeah. I would totally steal her if i didn’t have 2 coming. And mine may or may not be cuter. We’ll have to see

  2. She is absolutely precious!! You did a fantastic job in capturing her beauty and personality! I love it!

  3. Ahhh!! She’s so cute I can’t even stand it!! Those pictures are amazing! I need me some Ellie snuggles now and soon!

  4. What an angel! Precious piece of heaven! She has totally changed since Christmas…and changed your lives too! Luv ya’ll!

  5. {Sigh} That pretty girl takes your breath away, doesn’t she? Great pictures, Mandy! Beautiful baby girl, Gil! Love her!

  6. LOVE ALL OF THESE!!! Man she is just so stinkin cute! It ALMOST makes me want another one, nah I will just steal her for awhile. 🙂

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