Vo Family

It was a windy chilly morning, so it made it hard for this little guy to want to get photos taken, none the less we still got some adorable shots.

*Help them win a free print from their session by posting a comment (she needs 25 comments to get a free print)

Enjoy your preview Monica it was wonderful to meet you!

**Just added a few more from our second session…we had to get pics of momma with her boy! He just couldn’t do it when we were together the first time. Now we are pals. 🙂

how cute is this, but he wouldn't let go of the bubbles



Come back here little one

Sweet moments

I love his adorable smile!

A different shot, but such a peaceful beauty to it


12 thoughts on “Vo Family

  1. I love the candids – especially the one where she’s hanging onto the little one’s shirt! SO sweet – such a great mom/son moment! Nice job, Mandy!

  2. I love “candid” family photos. They are so cute now but in time they become so much more.

    Family history and memories are such a wonderful thing that makes each of us who we are.

    Good luck to you and your wonderful family.

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