Baby C – Dallas Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

Look at this little precious little angel.  If you remember I did her parents maternity photos and now here she is this tiny little bundle of cuteness. She is a real cuddler, just loves tucking her arms and legs up and especially on her parents. What a joy to watch new parents with their first child. It is so fun to watch that joy just emit from them.  Enjoy the preview guys can’t wait to get you the rest.

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She was so cuddly and sweet!

I love shots on the bed. Look at those proud parents

This might be my favorite!

She is wearing an OU hat, isn't that precious!!

So much love, I love this shot


12 thoughts on “Baby C – Dallas Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

  1. absolutely beautiful…and to think, I knew Lana WAAAAAAY before we ever thought we would be moms in love with babies! Love the pics.

  2. Wow – these totally capture the love that these two wonderful people have for their new baby girl. Of course, look at her – she’s so precious it would be hard not to be a proud parent. So sweet!

  3. Wow. She may be the most beautiful newborn ever. I can’t stop looking at the picture of her sleeping with the bow on her head.

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