Project 52 Weeks – M.I.A. (9-12) – Dallas Fort Worth Photographer

I know I know, what happened to me? I kept taking photos, but my posts fell behind. I have been keeping my clients at top priority. But will be working hard to stay on top of the rest of my posts. See why I did weekly instead of daily posts????

Week 9

Went to a nearby lake marina and grabbed some fun shots of my own family. Didn’t dare leave the baby on the dock for individual pictures of her, but had no problem with my son being a good listener. He loved every minute out there.

A day at the Marina

Week 10

Taking some time at the trains and striking a pose.

Kind of a cute model isn't he

Week 11

Went to the butterfly exhibit at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. Absolutely fantastic, I love that I was able to get close enough to some of these beautiful butterflies. The kids loved it too!


Week 12

I took my kids to the Arboretum in Dallas and took advantage of getting a few pics in especially of my baby girl in her pink tutu! By the way, the only way to get the shot under the trees with NO one in the background is wait until they are about to close and get the shot then. 🙂


One thought on “Project 52 Weeks – M.I.A. (9-12) – Dallas Fort Worth Photographer

  1. Glad you FINALLY posted again. When I checked earlier in the week I thought of asking but figured you were under enough preassure already 🙂
    Love all of the pictures. The ones at the Arboretum and Gardens are particularly beautiful. I love to see pics of the grandkids but it sure makes me sad to have them so far away and miss on so much!!! Love you all.

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