What is Real Deals? And what is happening for Mother’s Day photos?

Ok, so I have received the question…What is Real Deals? Why are you photographing there? Well because I want to offer an option for Mother’s Day presents and I love that store. Real Deals is a store that sells home accesories and is open only 2 days a week. They have amazing prices and that is really why it is called real deals!  The owners of the Keller franchise are Ruth and Carie Ann, they are great ladies and make you feel welcome from the moment you arrive.

So why am I teaming up and doing photos here for Mother’s Day? Well because I don’t have to worry about bad weather, wind, or whatever. They have amazing large windows for natural light photography. AND I get to use props from the store (plus I have some of my own).  I have cool gift ideas for Mom and Grandma for Mother’s Day that are so cool I won’t show you until you come in for a session. The best part…the session is FREE!!! That’s right folks, pay no upfront fees only for what you want prints of or if you want them made into one of my Awesome gift options.  So what are you waiting for book a session (20 minute sessions are the average) or drop by and wait until a spot opens up.  Thanks guys and hope to see you Thursday (29th) 10-6 (I will take a break from 1-3) and Saturday (May 1st) 10-3. Here is the address 5970 Park Vista Cir, #160, Keller, TX 76248  |   (817) 431-1132

Here are some photos of a sampling of the products they sell.

See all the fab stuff there

yep super cute

I LOVE this color blue

Ok so they have things in other colors besides blue and white, but apparently that is what I was wanting that day because that is all I photographed. Oh and don’t have an outfit to wear? They carry Downeast clothing line.

This too is super affordable


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