Looking for something new

Etsy Store - Ivory & Moss

I know it is hard to find cute things to wear to a photo session and I love a fun outfit. I am constantly on the web looking at Etsy and other sites so I thought I would start sharing with you what I find. So if you ever question what looks good together, I will have a library of answers for you.

So from now on I am going to be posting about great finds (ALL of these posts will go under the category What to Wear). Mostly they will be available online, but some you may find locally. I will allow sponsors on my blog so you can find the links on the left side of these fabulous favorites that always have multiple finds!  I am picky about who I choose as a sponsor, but contact me for details.  Hopefully we will have some giveaways offered now and then so you can sport it to your next photo session with me. These are a few examples but I will have adult clothing as well.  Feel free to suggest some to me as well. (Shown here are Ivory and Moss and Baby Chic Little Boutique)

I will put reminders on facebook so make sure you become a fan “LIKE” my page.

Baby Chic Little Boutique


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