Visiting Phoenix – Phoenix Photographer

Back from Phoenix and I am still playing catch-up. It was amazing and fun, the weather couldn’t have been better and I found some great spots for photography. It was a complete adventure looking for sites to utilize for photography and I founds some gems!  The absolute best part of my travels was visiting friends and family. I was without my own kiddos for an entire week and although I missed them terribly it was great for Mom to get away.

Enjoy the photos (be prepared there’s a lot) and I hope it gives you a good feel for what a different scenery can do for a photographer! And I will be coming back around the weekend of the 24th of September so book right away if you want to get a session.

Isn't she amazing and I love this "door" behind her. Senior Photography

Love this sun peeking behind her - senior portrait

Isn't she just lovely, her eyes are so pretty!!!

Mom and her girls. Adorable

Such a cute family

Daddy's love and his little owie

group hug!

I love my job.:)

Isn't this a fun prego shot

Just so tender

Feels like a Country Time Lemonade ad to me. More of these later

Love the mother daughter shot

My sweet friend Kati and her daughter

Love the fangs

so incredibly pretty

i love silly boys

cute fam

Isn't this sweet, surprise mom and dad!!

Just a cool barn

Love sweet pics of mom and dad

Isn't this precious plus I love the blue blue sky

Isn't she so sweet and FAST. hard to catch this cutie pie


I just love this one, everything about it especially my sister

so incredibly happy

something fun

My favorite of the day. Isn't this fun?!


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