Helping you get your little girl dressed for a photo session

So I was searching for cute outfits that I would recommend to clients. Here are some of my favorite finds…

I think it is fun to support working moms and purchase something you would never find at the store. So for your next girl photo session plan ahead and purchase something off etsy. You can find the most adorable outfits.

Ok great colors, can you imagine this in a green field??

The skirt is reversible!

Such a pretty understated girls dress

Great colors and even better price

Just so pretty and girlie

I like everything in this shop

As you can see you can find anything for any occasion. Go out and shop!  Honestly my favorite store of those listed was Baby Beenos

I hope this helps you when you are searching for new clothing for sessions with me. If you are going to beach photos think light colors (or super fun bright colors to contrast the water) and something that will look good blowing in the wind. If you are going urban, get some bright colors or even go simplistic with grays and blacks.

The best thing to keep in mind when choosing outfits is what room will my photos be displayed and pick colors that will look good in that room and that fit your personality. It doesn’t mean you have to go neutral, just have fun!!!


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