Indiana Part II

My adorable in-laws, look at this sweet family. We had fun getting their pictures in between all the events of the 4th of July. They live on the most beautiful property and had a lovely visit. Thanks for having me take your family photos while I was there, I love your pictures.

Enjoy them and we’ll miss you guys.

How adorable is this!!

Just the girls

I live the kid pile up on Dad

Pictures are exhausting!!


2 thoughts on “Indiana Part II

  1. Hey, my name is Sarah Martin. I live in Indiana and am in the same ward as Sarah and Jeremy. We love their family. I saw your pictures on facebook. I love photography and you do a great job.

    Also, I noticed you are friends with Britta Andrus on facebook. She is married to my cousin Brent. Small world.

  2. Hi sarah
    Yes Jeremy is my brother-in-law. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at the photos. I am glad you enjoyed them. It is a small world, Britta lives only about 10 minutes from me. How fun, maybe we can meet next time we are in Indiana again. 🙂

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