Clothing Choices (BROWN) – It’s All About the Layers – Dallas For Worth Photographer

I have many request as to what should you wear for family photos especially when it comes to fall fashion. All i can say is layer it up! It photographs well and it brings so much interest into your shoot. You can always take off a layer and create a new look for a photo. So here is my BROWN example below.  Honestly just because I LOVE brown if the fall. It goes well with almost any other color combo. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Mom can wear more blue than someone else it is fine. Just have fun with your clothes and match it up to the room you want it displayed in.  You will be happy you did later down the road.  I hope this helps spur up ideas. Sometimes it takes a little research, but Fall is almost here. So start shopping now so you are ready for your photos. And remember a fun pair of shoes is great for spicing up your photo and showing off your personality. Just make sure that whatever you choose to wear you feel comfortable in it!!!

Dad is usually super easy to dress

A great girl outfit. replace the skirt with jeans if you like

Love the boy outfit, could choose different hat though

fun combo for mom

this is so cute too

Must pair with some great jewelry and possibly wear a shirt under it

You can keep it simple and a punch of color


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