Getting Creative Contest – Dallas Fort Worth Photographer

Ok get ready to get your vote on! Let me know what number you are voting for and remember to become a fan of my page to vote. You have two options either leave your vote here or on my facebook page.(Become a FAN of my FACEBOOK business page) Just leave it in the comment section here (below) or on facebook on my wall. . You have until Sept 8th to vote and then the winner will be announced on Sept 9th by 8 a.m. (possibly sooner but really anytime after midnight). So tell your friends and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!! ONLY ONE VOTE PER PERSON, no cheating folks. Good luck to all my creative and amazing entrants. Β And know if you don’t win I would LOVE to do your creative session, if you didn’t enter…book a creative session with me!!

1. Samantha Webster My daughter is turning one in about 2 weeks and I have been thinking really hard, of a cute photo shoot to celebrate! Here’s my idea…
An evening shoot where the sun is still shinning but we will catch the sunset towards the end of the shoot. A park with an open field and flowers would be ideal… The shoot would consist of a day in the life of a one year-old. Shots of her playing and laughing in the sun… A picnic type setting where she refuels for the day, and a more laid back setting near flowers at sunset to finish out the day…throughout the shoot a hand-painted “1” would be placed in the background. Just being able to capture her different expressions throughout the shoot will be a great way to commemorate her turning one!

2. Amanda Gipson Douglas Football season is right around the corner and being the mom of two sons we are huge Dallas Cowboy fans. My idea is to do a shoot at the Cowboy Stadium (that being the main prop) all dressed in our Dallas Cowboys gear. Just a idea and thought!

3. Megan Stilovich Hey! So I thought of a cute idea for your creative family pics contest so I guess I’ll enter it! Not sure where the ideas are supposed to be send but here you go…. I was thinking a 50’s style theme…the dad sitting at a kitchen table reading the paper, mom in a old school dress and a frilly apron setting the table ect. I think it would be so fun to do something retro like that! So there is my entry πŸ™‚

4. Jenni Larson Alvies Β My idea is surfing the plains of Texas- in swimwear on surfboards in a flat brown area.

5. Christy Garza-Jaime Ok Amanda here is my creative photo shoot: A Tiffany blue back drop, around us would be cupcakes in a rainbow of colors all around us (picture tables and boxes and whatnot covered with the same color Tiffany blue) and having cotton candy to help cover the holes then me and my family dressed in white smack dab in the middle looking all picture perfect. Then on the next photo we will be throwing the cupcakes at each other!! lol To me that is a fun and creative photo shoot!! lol

6. Katie Webster Paskvan With the brief glimpse of cooler weather it makes me think about fall and Christmas. I think a photo shoot with toddlers making a batch of sugar cookies in a warm and cozy kitchen would be precious. Mom would need a super cute/ funky apron and a wooden rolling pin. I see a big pitcher of milk and happy, smiling toddler faces!

7. Kelli Burleson Cain I think the best theme would be an Aggie Football themed shoot – everyone could wear their jersey’s, aggie rings, etc.!! What would be better than that??? =)

8. Carlie Ogden Picture a HUGE orange pumpkin. Add my toddler trying with all his might to PICK it UP! His face all squished up with effort, but to no avail. The ginormous pumpkin will just have to stay where it is…

9. Heidi Henderson Rawe My friend BethAnn Sands is my inspiration for this contest. Music plays a part in every moment of her life. From her piano the children at her amazing voice that can bring her hip hop playing “Just Dance” with her trips to New York to see the latest show. She simply loves music.

In this photo, the black grand piano would serve as the backdrop, with a few accessories-roses, playbills, and sheet music. This young family is on their way to the theatre. Two small boys in dark suits/tuxes with bow ties, hair parted and slicked down. Beth and Matt, the elegant couple, are beautifully dressed. Everly, the charming baby girl, in a massive red dress to match the roses on the piano.

Why should you vote for us? This is an excellent opportunity to capture the deep love this family has for music. Miss BethAnn inspires those around her to “feel the music” in their daily lives..and they are happier, stronger people because of it.


81 thoughts on “Getting Creative Contest – Dallas Fort Worth Photographer

  1. #9 for me too. Love that beth Ann. Sounds like a really cool shoot and she needs a BIG picture hung in that BIG house of hers!

  2. Krissy .. I am just a weekend warrior who happens to have a nice camera. When it comes to capturing moments like this, we leave it to the true professionals! Amanda fueled my creative mind and provided such a great opportunity to capture the personality of a family who happens to love all things musical. Thanks for voting for us! πŸ˜‰

  3. #9 for sure!! Beth is an amazing woman with a passion for music….you can tell just by spending 5 minutes with her! Plus her family is absolutely gorgeous and the pictures really would be priceless πŸ™‚

  4. I vote for #4 Jennie Larson Alvies #4 YAY!!! PICK THEM… four gorgeous children, with one newborn, and hottie fireman husband, and a a beautiful, beautiful wife The whole family are as beaufiul inside as out side. Jenni is always so creative, even sewing 3 Halloween costumes last year. Jenni and Chris live for their kids, and Chris [by the way] has won many awards in his fire department. Prior to that he was a rescue swimmer. And I love them. Love, Auntie Linda
    VOTE #4….VOTE #4….VOTE#4….VOTE #4….VOTE#4….VOTE #4….VOTE #4.

  5. I vote for #9! But I also loved #5, mainly because it reminded me of Modern Family with the perfect photo shoot but then they had fun with the mud! Can I vote for both πŸ˜‰

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