Fashion Advice for your Winter Photo Session by guest blogger Amber with BeSassyClassy

Please welcome guest blogger and fashionista Amber of BeSassyClassy Blog. She will be giving great clothing recommendations from time to time on my blog (as well as her own) to help you better prepare yourselves and families for your upcoming photo session with me. She has a great sense of style and is very aware of what is in season. Not only that, but she has a great eye for what looks amazing in photos. Thank you Amber for sharing your fabulous clothing combinations for everyone’s upcoming holiday photo sessions.  Please make sure to stop by her blog for more fashion tips and other fun ideas on creativity for you and your family.

by Amber (author of BeSassyClassy blog)

Now is the time of year, when we are hustling to get family photos taken for Christmas cards.  To alleviate one less thing to stress about, here are some tips and ideas for choosing outfits to take those cherished shots in.

One of my pet-peeves are the photos where families are wearing all white button down shirts with khaki pants—they look like their family owns a catering business and they are in uniforms ready to serve up appetizers.

When selecting outfits, you still want to have similarity and coordinating looks, but let your personality show through. I put together a couple of different themed ensembles as suggestions on what your family can do for this Winter season.

As a busy mom, I don’t have time to shop around to find what I’m looking for, so I pick a place and find what works there.  In all the following ensembles I used the same three places to pick outfits from.

The children’s outfits come from “Children’s Place.”  What’s great about that store is if you have lots of kids at different ages, you can find coordinating pieces without being matchy-matchy. 

The mom’s outfits come from Coldwater Creek.  They can be pricey, but they are quality.  Often I use their outfits I see in their catalog, magazine ads, or at as inspiration and find cheaper versions at my favorite super stores (like Target, WalMart, Costco).

The dad’s outfits are from Express. It’s one of my husband’s favorite stores, and boy, they sure do know how to dress the male physique there! Again, their clothes are on the pricier end, but if you shop the sales, you can get great deals.

Grey’s Family:

I am noticing that grey is the new “it” color for this season. Which I can’t be more pleased about because I love grey! Grey can be dressy or casual, it is flattering, and goes with anything.

So, my love of grey inspired the theme for this family’s outfit ensemble.

Cool Winter’s Grey:

In this next ensemble, I picked a lot of grey again, but I chose looks that had a dressier look to them and coordinated with the style of the pieces. I love how the Mom and Daughter outfits match with their long tunics and high boots, and then the Dad and son outfits match with their vests and cool jeans.

Holiday Perfect:

In the next ensemble, I stepped it up even dressier by using more black, and I chose the traditional holiday color red as the theme sprinkled in with some festive plaid.

Winter White:

If you are more of the casual family, then this style is for you.  I chose winter white as the theme, and selected outfits that were predominantly that color in their pieces.

Now that you’ve seen all the outfits I picked out, I’m sure you’ve noticed a few things. 1. I love layering.  And, 2. I love cardigans.  Both are major plusses when styling for pictures.  Layering keeps an outfit from looking boring and bland—something we never want to look, particularly in a photo. With cardigans, you can hide those problem spots we wish we could Photoshop away.  So, keep those two things in mind when you select your pieces in an outfit.

And just because I can’t help myself—kid’s clothes are so cute…

Here are some of my favorite kid items (and more simplified outfits)  I found for a good deal at

For your handsome boys:

For your pretty girls:

Hopefully this has inspired some ideas for you this holiday winter season, whether you are getting ready for a photo shoot, social event, or family dinner.

Happy shopping and Happy photo taking and Happy Holidays!

For more on fashion, family and everything else in between visit



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