Baby Molly – Dallas Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

I love this family! We did their maternity session not too long ago and now sweet little Molly has arrived. And when I say little she is so tiny! Only 5lbs when I photographed her. She was just so itty bitty and sweet as can be. She was a great baby for our session. She stayed asleep and let me do most of the poses I wanted to do with her.

Such a fun shot

How fun is it that we used mom’s wedding dress for this shot? Also the tiara from mom’s wedding is next to her as well as mom’s little baby cap she wore when she was this tiny. She is laying on a blanket that her great grandma made (I hope I have this correct) and of course we have mommy’s wedding ring included as well. Overall a pretty special shot. 🙂

Love this Christmas bow and this sweet baby


This shows how tiny she really is!

Super tiny and cute (the before)

The after!! first time Dad got peed on and we caught on camera

My last favorite!


2 thoughts on “Baby Molly – Dallas Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

  1. How cute!!!! Pics turned out sooooo cute and sweet just like she is!!!!
    She may be tiny but the most precious thing in our hearts!
    I am so glad she is here for us to show her how much she means to us!!!
    Congrats to Mom and Dad for your wonderful creation of the two of you!!!
    Love you 3 …

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