The Brown Family – Dallas Fort Worth Family Photographer

I was thrilled to hear from Susannah saying she wanted family photos. This family is just wonderful and so fun. They have talented little girls who have been in the play Annie recently and know how to ham it up. I cannot believe how many great shots we got from our session, it was extremely difficult to choose what to share with you all. I wanted to start out with the mom and dad photos.  Most of the time parents have a hard time relaxing and being a little affectionate when I take their photos. We had a little of this here, but the gave into my “gentle” pushing of them to let go and have fun. Remember your wedding day and all the Love and Joy you shared then…well show it off now. How wonderful for your children to look back at photos of you a) looking awesome, beautiful and young and b) so happy together and in love. I think we all should have photos like this as a couple during our marriage not just the day it began. Ok off of my soap box now, just be prepared when you come to a session with me to she the LOVE!!!!

Enjoy your photos guys, I cannot wait to get the rest to you. I didn’t even have a chance to post all the adorable individual shots of the kids. They turned out great!!

Fall colors are fabulous!!!

these kids are soooo cuteI love all the personality shining through in the above photo. This shows who they are so well, makes me smile.

So happy with the light and sweetness of this shot

Can you find the star of this photo session??

Look at those big brown eyes, I am melting here

2 girls and 2 boys, nothing better

they are really kind to one another, so sweet

what a great smile


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