Murphy Family – Dallas Fort Worth Family Photographer

It is just so fun getting to see families I know over and over. Getting to see their baby grow and change so much in a matter of months. I love to see their little cheeks fill out and eyes brighten more and more as they become more aware of the world around them. I know totally cheesy right, but really it is a gift that I am given with this career choice…to see a babies first year.  It is amazing how quickly we learn to roll over, crawl, scoot, pull up on everything, walk, communicate (even if not through words, but cries or grunts). I love a first year, I really do!!

Ok enough about that time for the good stuff, the photos. Enjoy Murphy’s it was great to see you again and it is selfish of me but I am glad your house hasn’t sold yet so we could get some more photo time in. 🙂

can't stand it, he is soooo cute

The center of their world

So in love with this setting

They are one happy couple

Love this little Santa

So love this collage


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