Editing Photos – Newborn Photographer

I thought I would do a quick post to show how much I actually edit sometimes. This adorable little baby girl had a case of baby acne, which happens from time to time. She was also 5 weeks old when we did her newborn session so that played into her baby acne as well. But do I edit the acne out of all the photos I give Mom and Dad…YES! I believe my work should be absolute perfection and of the highest quality.  So here is an example of a SOOC (Straigh out of Camera) shot and the after.  I added a different tone to it and all my edits are done in photoshop. Knowing photoshop makes me so happy because it enables me to work through minor skin problems or any other quick fixes that need to be done. But are they time consuming??? yes of course.  This is why sometimes edits can take longer than we would like. And maybe your edits on your session are no so time consuming, but it doesn’t mean the client ahead of you isn’t in this boat. I treat everyone with as much detail as possible so you get the photos you want and love from your session.  I love what I do and editing is just as much apart of the job as the actual photography. I am happy to do this part of the process for my clients. I love to see the best you possible. 🙂 Enjoy this until next time ya’ll and thanks for your patience!


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