Gorgeous Bride – Dallas Fort Worth Bride Photographer

One of the most incredible parts of my job are taking part in the major moments in life. I had the please of photographing this amazing woman a few weeks before her big day. I have been able to get to know Amanda (her parents named her well) for the past few years and she is honestly just as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. She is a fun girl and just incredibly happy to be marrying the man of her dreams. Such an exciting time.

We headed to the Stockyards in some chilly temperatures but you would never know it with the photographs we took that day. She is going to be such a stunning bride this weekend and I am so happy I have been invited to this wedding to join in on the celebration of this big day.  I am posting the coolest shot of the day first because this was absolute luck to get this guy at the right time, with great light and a bride who was literally running after him so she could have the shot. Cracked me up. She wanted to show she is a Texas girl through and through. She is going to frame this one and show it off to her friends in Idaho (where she attends college) after the big day. 🙂  Thank you Amanda for allowing me to photograph you as you start your new life with Marc, I hope you always look back at these and see in them your joy and excitement to marry your sweet hubby… Marc is so lucky to have found you.

So cool

one of the favorites

such a pretty ring

this is absolutely her personality!


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