My family photo session

I realized I forgot to post photos from my own family photo session. We had the please of Katie Norris Portrait Arts photographing my family this year and she did a tremendous job, I love them all and am so excited to choose the enlargements for my home.  It is fun to be on the client end and have a fellow (friend) photographer take your portraits. We thought a lot alike and she did great with my kids. You can see here why I say to layer it up, it adds so much interest to your session. We added the guitar to show our love of music and my talented hubby. It is always great to personalize your session as much as possible.

Thank you Katie, I will always treasure these photos. 🙂 You are a wonderful and talented friend.

My absolute favorite

Such great light

cuddle time

having fun

more rocking out

he laughs so often, I adore this happy photo

ooooh I love her innocent little face


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