Even Super Yoga Mom needs her own Moment with the Camera – Fort Worth Portrait Photographer

Meet gorgeous Mom, yoga instructor and all around rockin’ chic Melanie. She rocked her Valentine mini session with me. This is the perfect example of why I think every mom should go out and have their own personal shoot. Are you ready for my reasons? Here ya go…

1. Everyone needs to feel beautiful for a day

2. All of your friends will compliment you on FB and boost your ego (EGO boost..sign me up)

3. Your hubby will be so happy to have a gorgeous photo of you for work that doesn’t have a kid in it or spit up on your shirt. 🙂

4. Aren’t you normally the one taking the photos? Finally a moment for you to have your photo taken so your kids can remember how amazingly beautiful their mom is/was.

5. Don’t you want some hot photos of you before you get too many wrinkles??? 🙂

Alright enough of my soap box lecturing, I really do believe it is important for you to see your beauty the way others see you (and how I see you through my lens). I am so glad Melanie took the time to do this session and she admitted at the beginning how she felt kinda silly doing a shoot all about her, but I tell you we had SO much fun that by the end of the session I am pretty sure we could have done another hour without any complaint.  Enjoy the photos Melanie, you were so fun to work with. I look forward to our next session together very soon.


So sexy

So incredibly beautiful


Love so more!

Amazing light!!


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