2011 Fall Photos – What to Wear {Dallas Fort Worth Photographer}

It’s officially Fall, with today being the first day of Fall I thought it was a perfect day to show you some great ideas for your upcoming session. Here’s a few tips before I start showing you outfits…

1.Go shopping with colors in mind. Sounds like a completely obvious thing to do right? Most of us say I will find something great and plan around it…no no no you need to KNOW what you want and look for something that gets as close as possible.

2. Make sure you check your own wardrobe first. Save yourself money, decide you will all wear dark jeans that you already own. If you have cute boots/shoes you are dying to wear do so at that shoot. What you want to be shopping for is ways to really spice up the outfit, layering items, accessories and for us ladies jewelry!

3. Put those outfit ideas on your celly or ipod and take them with you when you shop so you remember what your end goal is and get as close as you can.

4. Do your hair if you are going to try on clothes and wear the jeans you want to buy. You need to know how you will look on portrait day.

5. Lastly feel free to photograph yourself in the outfit and msg it to me via text or email. I can tell you for sure if it will photograph well. Sometimes certain clothes look great in person, but don’t always photograph well.

Ok…you still there? Time for a couple fun examples (more to come in future posts)….

Keeping it Neutral


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