Searching for the perfect DSLR camera for a beginner – {Dallas Fort Worth Photographer}

I get questions at least once a month on what camera is best to purchase for a beginner or just a parent who wants more of a quality camera and of course as a result quality snapshots. I am a huge supporter of capturing every moment you can in life. I don’t want to forget any part of how cute my kids are at this age. Keep in mind if you are entering into the world of DSLR cameras it is not a cheap road to take. The body of the camera is not cheap and the lenses are an investment! So it all depends on how much you have available to spend and what level of photography you are at or plan to aspire to attain.

#1 Option: I really want a nice DSLR

Ok so assuming you are just planning on photography as a hobby or to take nice images of your kids doing sports or regular life. Here are my recommendations.

The Canon Rebel T3i/600D – $619 BODY ONLY – A great little camera for the price. High quality sensor and overall great capabilities. I prefer Canon cameras because I feel like they are easier to manuever and find your settings. That is only my opinion.

Here’s the full review on this camera

The NikonD5100 – $750 full price but it is on sale through B&H for $597 through May 26th. This camera is similar in quality and ability to the T3i and would be another excellent purchase. Definitely a high quality camera.

#2 Option: I want quality but I don’t want the bulkiness….

Ok So I think this style of camera is the next big thing for the average person. And perfect for travel or the busy mom who always wants her camera with her.

The Nikon 1 – Price ranges based on which version you purchase $600-$900. Again with the option to switch out the lens, but everything is a smaller version and fits well in your purse or a smaller camera bag.

This is the middle range version and I would take one of these in a heartbeat. If you can afford it, then I say get this little guy.

Sony NEX-5N or NEX-7 – Price ranges from $699-$1349 Again another fun one that has the interchangeable lens option. And it is hard to say which camera is the better option. Nikon or Sony, but I think Sony has some cool extras that would make this my choice.

Well those are my top 4 picks for cameras for the amateur or hobbyist. Let me know if this was helpful for you in your decision making and would you like to see more posts like this about upcoming equipment.

The only shots you regret are the ones you don’t take!


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