Summer of Fun {Dallas/Fort Worth Photographer}

Ok so this is a little different than my usual posts concerning clients. I decided to share with you what I am doing this summer for my kiddos to remember a summer of fun. I have been busy spending WAY too much time on Pinterest. Gathering ideas and fun things to do with my kids. Well I decided it would be good to pack our days as full as possible with fun activities when I am not working. So every day I am photographing them doing whatever it is we happen to be working on and putting it in a collage for the day. At the end of summer I will create a photo book and have it printed. Now it will probably be a really full book, but I think that it will be so fun and a great way to keep track of our summer of fun!

Most photos will be with my professional camera, but I can’t always lug it around with me so some will be from my phone. That will just have to do in some instances. I am excited to take on this project and invite you to join me on this journey. I can post once a week or once a month our collages if you like. Comment on this post if  you want to see our weekly activities, keep in mind most ideas are taken from pinterest.

Here’s the first 2 days of summer

Day 1

The baby may not be doing the crafts but he still has his daily achievements too

We will be doing lots of art projects because I have a lot of respect and love for the arts and want my children to feel this way as well. So I plan to photograph all their art and do the printed collage idea to frame and put in their rooms.

Let the fun begin and let me know if you decide to join me on this summer of fun journey. It’s not too late! And don’t forget a photo session with me would definitely be perfect for whatever day in the summer you choose. I can even do the collage for you. 🙂


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