Being Photographed – watch out I get on my soap box for this one{Dallas/Fort Worth Photographer}

I decided it is high time for a post about being photographed. I am a mother and obviously since I am the photographer I am in very few photos. But I make sure to still have family photos done of my own family 1-2 times a year. As well as be photographed with my baby. I felt the need to stand on my soap box for a minute and preach the importance of having yourself professionally photographed.

So many times I hear women say they don’t want to be photographed because they aren’t skinny enough or they just don’t look good yet, they are too tired looking or look too “frumpy”. Here’s my thoughts. You are so beautiful because you are a mother. How could you not look beautiful when you are lovingly looking at your baby or kiddo or adult child ;)? When you are showing your love for your child, no matter their age or yours, you are beautiful! Your children will cherish their beautiful photo with mom just as much as you cherish a beautiful photo with your own mother or grandmother. Take the time to be in the photo, no matter how you feel about yourself. And go easy on yourself, you are beautiful and are a woman of great worth. Just ask your own child what they think of you and they think you hung the moon. Life changes so fast, you have such a short time to photograph yourself with them with you at this adorable age (whatever age that is!).

For example I had a baby 6 months ago. I don’t look great yet, but I still want photos of me and my baby. I want family photos too. I don’t want to delay having a record of my beautiful life because of my own insecurities. And if I have the confidence to do this when I am imperfect what message does this send to my daughter? Be ok with you who you are and that you sacrificed your body to bring this child into the world. It was worth it! This roll on my belly was made with love for Lincoln my son. It will go away by the end of the year, do I love that chubby roll on me? Um NO!!! But I love what I got for it. The weight is coming off and I will work hard to make it happen. Just don’t hide yourself in photos, you will have no greater regret later in life.

With that being said when I photograph you, I edit you and soften your skin, sometimes even remove a few unwanted pounds or bumps. I want you to remember the emotion you felt in that moment in your life and not worry about your own imperfections. Remember the only pictures you regret are the ones you did not take!! So call me up and do some pics with your babies or big kids, let’s fill my sites with pictures of mothers and their little angels…nothing could be more wonderful.  Alright stepping off my soap box now. See you soon I hope.

My Happiness in Life is in this photo


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