Giving Back – Nominate a Friend for a FREE session – Dallas/ Fort Worth Photographer


I feel like I have been so blessed to be able to do photography for a living. I love that at the end of a session my client feels a little more beautiful than they did the day before.  I have been blessed to be healthy and so have my children. So I feel like it is a great time to give back to a family or individual who has gone through a rough trial lately. Whether it be because of a medical condition, loss of a loved one, loosing their home, major financial struggles…you get the idea.

Do you know of a family who has been through a rough time recently or over come an amazing trial? *Example – the photo you see is a Mom who, with the help of her beautiful family, fought breast cancer and is now a breast cancer survivor. We did her session last week and it was just so amazing. We took indoor portraits for her because the nature of some of them were a little more private. (This session can be indoors or out, it doesn’t matter to me) My favorite part is although this amazing woman has survived 6 rounds of chemo, double mastectomy, 4 bone scans, 5 CT scans, 2 Brain MRI, 2 Mamograms, 3 Ultra sounds, 1 colonoscopy, 11 IV’s, 1 chest port removal, 1 breast biopsy, 33 Dr’s office visits, 6 months physical therapy, 28 radiation treatments, 21 blood draws and 3 surgeries she is now CANCER FREE!  Isn’t it amazing what a body can take on and survive?  We took many photos and my favorite thing she said to me is how beautiful she felt through it all. She truly is a beautiful woman inside and out!  Through the support of family and friends combined with amazing perseverance on her part she made it. I feel so blessed to record part of her journey. I love all of these photos and can’t wait for her to see the beauty that came through on each one. (side note-she mentioned she wished she had recorded the entire journey with me, I wish she had too, I would be happy to do this for someone else)

**Nominate a friend, family member or even your own family. Just let us know why they deserve a free session and then share this offer with friends so they can have a chance to enter or nominate someone they love as well. Email/message (amanda{at} me your submission. I will pick the top 3 stories then let the fans vote. Accepting submissions until June 25th at 9p.m.



4 thoughts on “Giving Back – Nominate a Friend for a FREE session – Dallas/ Fort Worth Photographer

  1. I would like to nominate a friend of mine whose baby has had to endure more than anyone coud imagine in this life. Her baby was born at just 26 weeks,but was growth restricted to the size of a 22 week old baby. She was just 15 oz at birth, and only 10 inches long! She had eye problems, breathing problems, kidney issues, and even had a g-button ad trach to help her little body breathe and eat. She spent 7 long months in the hospital—she endured many blood transfusions, surgeries, times when they almost lost her and 24 hour nurse care when she finally got to go home. Her family remained strong and postitive when doctors said that this sweet baby would not make it. She is a fighter. Her family is amazing. Now she is a happy healthy 2 1/2 year old girly girl whose only battle now is learning to eat without the assistance of a g-button. I would love for them to have amazing pictures of their little miracle baby! They lost 7 months with their sweet girl—but still never missed a day of going back and forth the hospital. Cassie and Tara are so deserving of this photo shoot as I am sure many others are. I just could not pass up the opportunity to enter them in your free session giveaway.

    • That is a beautiful story Crysta. Thank you so much for submitting this, I love that that sweet little spirit fought so hard to get here. I will let you know ok.
      Thanks for this.

  2. I would like to submit Juen and Darrell Whitworth. They got married the first paycheck out of high school back in 1952. They are celebrating their 60th Anniversary this August. They have just endured the most grueling and devastating 9 months of their marriage. Last fall the large wildfire in Bastrop, Texas destroyed the log retirement home that my father built from the ground up. They lost EVERYTHING. A lifetime of cherished memories gone in an instant. One week later Darrell was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He now suffers from seizures several times a day and will eventually have to have brain surgery. They had to move into a 30 year old run-down mobile home and gather up donations from generous family, friends and members of the community. The insurance company is refusing to pay and they cannot re-build. Through it all they have taken things one day at a time and grown stronger and more in love. A photograph of them, 60 years together, heads held high after all they have endured… would be a deeply meaningful symbol for not only them, but for their 6 children, their wives and their 30 + grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They truly deserve it!

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