Fall 2012 – What to wear this Fall for family portraits (#1) {Dallas/Fort Worth Family Photographer}

I love taking the time to figure out some outfits that will work for family portraits. Time to get dressed up and look amazing. I will try to post every 1-2 weeks new outfit options this fall so you have some great options.  Make sure to contact me immediately if you want a session. Fall is booking quickly and prime spots will be gone very soon.

I went 2 very different directions here.

#1 I tried to use a lot of the items you can find on sale right now. Bright fun colors look great on kids and parents. I did this for my own family portraits earlier this year. I love how bright it makes the photo. Now only do this if your family is one who loves to wear color! And it will look good in your home. Notice I do a lot of layering. Some of this stuff you might already have in your closet. This would be great to  do earlier in the portrait season.

Mom’s outfit is from Coldwater Creek. Dad’s is H&M and Ralph Lauren for the jeans. Kids outfits are Macy’s clearance section and some from Ralph Lauren for the boy.

#2 I went with the more sophisticated look here. This would work great for a large age range from a single family to a “family reunion” type of session. Navy blue and gold is back for Fall and looking awesome! It’s easy to find. Notice how I layered the clothing. For Mom or older girl accessories are going to be a key part of the finishing touches of the outfit. Same thing with shoes. Mom could easily wear a gold pair of shoes to add a little something extra to the outfit.

Outfits for Mom and Dad are from H&M. Oldest brother is from Ralph Lauren, The sisters are from Macy’s and the lil bro the hat is from Macy’s and the outfit is Janie and Jack. LOVE This color combo



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