Upcoming Camera and Photoshop Classes {Dallas Fort Worth Photographer and Instructor}



PHOTOSHOP CLASS – learn how to edit your photos in photoshop with ease.

*************************ONLY ONE SPOT REMAINS!!!***************************

What I plan to go over in Photoshop are the basic editing techniques that will speed up your edits and show you how to use the tools to your editing advantage.
-quick tools teaching, going over the most used and basic tools
-balancing your photos (color, curve, etc…)
-raw format – with some special tricks here
-editing skin blemishes -wrinkles (spot healing brush, clone stamp)
-editing backgrounds to remove items or change the backdrop completely
-creating your own actions for shortcuts
-sizing your images for print and web use
And then I am taking special requests from each person attending the class to make sure their biggest question or problems are being answered. You can bring in your own images or use those off my computer, either way. $20 deposit is required to hold your spot in the class.
Camera Classes
Level 1 – Basics on how to use your camera and setup better portraits.
Level 2 – Using your basic skills and learning how to push it to take better photos. More details on the camera and what makes a good portrait. How to pose your kids and setup a situation to your advantage.
$20 deposit is required to hold your spot in the class.  The remainder will be paid at the time of your class. **Spots are limited!**

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