Saifee Family Portraits {Dallas Family Photographer}

One of my wonderful long time clients, I adore this amazing family. Their kids are so incredibly sweet and funny. They call me Auntie Amanda which just fills me with joy! They love their kids so very much and it really does show in every session we do together.  I loved the theme they went with for this session, super hero!! We had fun with this, I love the cityscape and playfulness to these images. Thanks guys for another wonderful session!!

1Saifee-w 2Saifee-w 3Saifee-w 6Saifee-w 11Saifee-w 14Saifee-w 16Saifee-w 23Saifee-2-w 24Saifee-2-w 29Saifee-2-w


One thought on “Saifee Family Portraits {Dallas Family Photographer}

  1. Thanks Amanda! We love our sessions with you and are amazed at how different each session is! Always memorable and our kids love you coz you are so amazing with them! 🙂

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