Daniel and Joel stories worth telling – PH (pulmonary hypertension) {Dallas/Fort Worth Photographer}


Well it was in 2012 that I met Daniel, heard his story and first learned about pulmonary hypertension.  Now for such a young boy to have this just broke my heart and yet after meeting Daniel I felt so much joy for him and his family. Through their faith in God and love for one another they live a life full of love, joy and appreciating the little moments. Daniel just celebrated his 4th birthday, a huge accomplishment for him and his family. Everyday he has the possibility of something going wrong and he is still here, fighting hard and loving life.  After falling in love with this amazing family I asked Jaci if she had any friends in the area with children with this condition that I could also photograph, but she did not. Her friends lived in Louisiana with a son with the same condition. Well by chance they came out for a surprise visit and we altered our schedules to make a portrait session happen.


Meet Joel, another amazing boy fighting the battle with severe pulmonary hypertension (PPH) diagnosed in January 2013.  His parents, like the Jackson family are incredible, full of immense love for their children and a deep love of Jesus Christ.  They are just such a sweet and amazing family. Joel’s big brother’s couldn’t be sweeter with him.  I am so grateful to have met them and had these precious moments with their family as well as the Jackson family. Seeing these friends together was wonderful. Meeting their families has given me inspiration to be a better person, to love harder, cherish more little moments, pray more and be a better follower of Jesus Christ.



Well Joel has hit a rough turn recently and is in the hospital. He went in on Monday for an “Echocardiogram, EKG, meeting with Doctor and admitted in CICU. Testing showed Joel’s PH has rapidly progressed and is causing severe right heart failure. Dr has given the green light for the atrial septostomy on Wednesday (today). This procedure is very risky but vital for Joel’s health.”  – Lindsey Belt (Joel’s Mom)

He had his surgery today and here’s the latest update from his mom: “This is the strongest boy I know! A doctor on his team he did better than anyone could have scripted. When they expanded the hole he already had, it didn’t want to stayclosed on just that short time so they were able to put a stint in. They were able to go slow and make good decisions because he was doing well on anesthesia. His vent is already out and are just waiting to see him. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your faithful prayers!!” – Lindsey Belt

His battle isn’t over and he needs an army of people in his corner, praying for his recovery and that he will be with his family on this earth as long as possible.  So please put him in your prayers and if you can donate to help with PH, you can get in contact with them through https://www.facebook.com/joshuabelt

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