Jackson Family – An update on Daniel {Dallas/Fort Worth/McKinney/Allen Photographer}

So if you have followed my blog for the last year you will  remember Daniel. If you would like to read his story in more detail and see photos from his last session please click here.

Daniel is a wonderful little boy with Pulmonary Hypertension, which is defined as increased pressure in the pulmonary arteries.  He looks healthy and happy which most of the time that’s how he feels, but with this condition things can change in an instant. He wears his back pack everywhere which carries medicine to his body on a constant, if anything happens to his line it means he immediately goes into a very serious life threatening condition.  His family adores him and they were thrilled to celebrate his 4th birthday just recently. His family praises God continually for giving them more time with him each and every day.   It has taught me so much to watch this family give praises for every day they get with their son. Shouldn’t we all be praising the Lord for every day we have with our kids/loved ones, knowing life is so precious and unpredictable applies to us all, they just live it and breath it every day. We are always praying for Daniel and now for his friend Joel. I think what I take from this is to love deeper, give thanks more often and help others who have bigger mountains to climb than our own.  Please feel free to follow Daniel’s family on their Caring Bridge page and pray for him to continue to have more birthdays to celebrate. As well as an update of portraits every year with me.

I am so grateful every day to know this amazing family, they have touched my life and I hope they touch yours as well.

To learn more about PH here’s a site to follow. http://www.phassociation.org/

Daniel Dad and his girls, love this one! Daniel Daniel Daniel Mom and her girls Daniel and his siblings Jackson Family Gorgeous sisters Daniel Daniel beads of courage Jackson boys Amazing parents of Daniel


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